Turkey Day 5K


If registering more than one participant, please include the name of each person in order of the corresponding registration in the ORDER NOTES at checkout. This will ensure names and age groups are associated correctly for awards.




In return for its agreement to accept this entry form, I hereby release JBeen Training, Jennifer Been, First Baptist Church, The ROC, its officers, directors, agents, representatives, and the volunteers, sponsors, promoters, and all other persons associated with this race from liability for any injuries received by me (or if the participant is a minor, then I release them from liability for injuries received by the minor for whom I am responsible) during participation in this sporting event, which includes all post-race activities through the end of the awards ceremony and the conclusion of the event. I recognize that participation in the event sponsored or in any way supported by named entities exposes me and/or my family member(s) to risks including, but not limited to, running-related injury, traffic, and other risks including cracks in the roadway or sidewalk, uneven running surfaces, slick conditions, other participants in the race, weather-related hazards, and post-race accidents of any type. Notwithstanding these potential risks and possibly other unanticipated risks, all of which cannot be listed, I HEREBY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY OR ACCIDENT WHICH MAY OCCUR DURING MY (OR MY FAMILY MEMBER’S) ATTENDANCE AT OR PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT.


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